Christmas message from Adam Price


During this Christmas period our thoughts in Plaid Cymru are with the many people in Wales living with insecurity, much of it brought about by the austerity and Brexit policies of the Westminster government.

In constituencies cross Wales, Plaid members are working to support people in most need. In Rhondda Cynon Taf activists are being trained to give advice and support to those moving onto Universal Credit. Activists in Ceredigion are holding drop in sessions for people moving onto the new system. In Arfon we are helping with foodbanks.

In the Senedd Plaid Cymru have called for powers over welfare and benefits – like they have in Scotland and the north of Ireland – so we can protect some of our most vulnerable people from the worst of the policies imposed by the Westminster government. And in Westminster Plaid Cymru are working on a model for the Shared Prosperity Fund that would protect funding Wales currently receives from the European Union.

Together, we are working towards a better future for our nation. Nadolig LLawen.”

This starts with you

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