Plaid demands 'day of reckoning' for Blair


Responding to the release of the Chilcot Report, Plaid Cymru’s Westminster Group leader, Hywel Williams MP said:

“The Chilcot Report confirms what Plaid Cymru MPs have said from the beginning – the dossier prepared by Mr Blair to make the case for war was deliberately distorted in order to convince Parliament to vote for an illegal war, and did not reflect the evidence given to Mr Blair by the security services. It confirms that Mr Blair undermined the UN security council’s authority and that war was not a last resort.

“It is clear that when Blair failed to get the second UN resolution, he handed over UK foreign policy to George Bush. His legacy is a million dead, a failed state and the Middle East in flames. The region as a whole in crisis, with innocent families fleeing their own governments and terrorist organisations, and desperately seeking refuge in Europe.

“We cannot have an illegal war with such devastating consequences without a judicial or political reckoning. Mr Blair must be held to account.”

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