Plaid Cymru MEP disappointed by CETA outcome


Commenting on the European Parliament's vote to approve the controversial CETA free trade deal between the EU and Canada, Plaid MEP Jill Evans said:

“I am deeply disappointed by this outcome.

“This bad deal, negotiated largely in secret, will undermine workers' rights and environmental standards and could open the door to GMOs. It will allow multinational corporations to challenge democratic governments.

“Despite the fact that the UK will be leaving the EU, this agreement will hugely affect people in Wales, as we could still be bound by the treaty for 20 years after withdrawing from the agreement.

“It now sets a precedent for further free trade agreements. As the UK signs new trade deals after leaving the EU we must continue to press for agreements that benefit citizens, consumers, entrepreneurs and workers in Wales. We cannot open up our markets without social and ecological rules as well. We say ‘yes’ to trade but ‘no’ to CETA.

“There have been massive protests against CETA by all sectors and there is a huge movement across Europe for more accountability and for more fair trade. This is not the end of the story.”

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