Velindre Valleys Walk for Steffan


Steffan Lewis AM‘s sister, Nia Davies, is organising a sponsored walk to raise money for Velindre Cancer Centre, where Steffan is currently receiving treatment, on July 14th.

Before Christmas, Steffan was diagnosed with stage four bowel cancer. The news came as a shock and the last few months have been tough, but we're all very grateful for the care Steffan is receiving from the team in Velindre Hospital, Cardiff. 

Steffan's family want to thank the staff at Velindre for this and would like to support their incredible work so that is why Nia Davies - Steffan's sister, and the rest of his family have organised this fundraising event to raise money to Velindre Cancer Centre on July 14 and to raise awareness of bowel cancer.

Click here to contribute towards the walk or click here for more information on how to take part.

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