Welsh Government commitment to economic development in west Wales welcomed


Plaid Cymru hails progress but calls for lessons to be learnt from the process

Plaid Cymru Assembly Members Adam Price and Sian Gwenllian have welcomed the Welsh Government's investment to realise economic development opportunities in west Wales by committing to support Yr Egin project in Carmarthen, but insisted lessons need to be learned from the process.

Carmarthenshire AM and Plaid Cymru's Shadow Cabinet Secretary for the Economy Adam Price hailed the announcement as a "big step forward" which recognises the "tremendous economic development opportunities."

Arfon AM and the party's Shadow Cabinet Secretary for the Welsh Language, Sian Gwenllian congratulated Carmarthenshire on its achievement and said there was a need to "look at the processes involved" in order to "learn lessons for the future."

Speaking after the Welsh Government announcement today, Assembly Member Adam Price said:

"The principle for me has always been about encouraging and supporting institutions and public sector employment outside of the Cardiff area. I am on record supporting the S4C move to either Carmarthen or Caernarfon as a way to boost the regional economy. That said, I am of course personally delighted that S4C chose to come to my home county.

"The Welsh Government decision today recognises the tremendous economic development opportunities for the west Wales region and how we can maximise the benefits of this relocation. This is warmly welcome indeed. Now the decision has been made, it is imperative the project gets going in earnest.

"All of us in Plaid Cymru have been fighting for greater investment outside of Cardiff. This is a big step forward, and we look forward to seeing the benefits this project will bring."

Assembly Member Sian Gwenllian added:

"I offer my congratulations to Carmarthenshire and in particular the Plaid Cymru team who have championed their area.

"As Arfon AM I was very disappointed that the Caernarfon bid was not supported, especially as it was a viable option from the outset and did not involve an injection of millions of pounds worth of public money at a very late stage.

"It is absolutely vital now, that as we strive to see more of our national institutions and public sector relocating from Cardiff, that we look at the processes involved in the S4C Yr Egin project and how we can learn lessons for the future.

"We all want to see an equal playing field and an assurance that all parties know what opportunities are available to them when presenting a package to host national institutions. This hasn't been a smooth process, but one which Plaid Cymru hopes can be the catalyst to see more investment and greater economic opportunities outside of Cardiff and the south east."

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