Campaigning cancelled until Sunday


The official campaign for Remain, Wales Stronger in Europe, has cancelled campaigning for Friday and Saturday, as a result of Jo Cox’s murder.

They advise that people can distribute leaflets from door-to-door but that supporters should not knock on doors or hold street stalls or any other event.

The campaigning will resume on Sunday. You can find information about campaigning arrangements on their website

Plaid Cymru Leader Leanne Wood has paid tribute to Jo Cox, saying: "My thoughts are with Jo Cox's friends, family and colleagues at this devastating time.

"Despite not knowing her personally, the outpouring of tributes from those closest to Jo Cox go to show that she was a dedicated and much-loved Member of Parliament that was in politics for all the right reasons.

"I hope those closest to her are granted the privacy and respect they deserve to grieve in peace."

This starts with you

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