Plaid Cymru congratulates A Level students


Plaid Cymru has congratulated A-Level students on their results which saw the overall pass rate remain stable, while there was a slight drop in the proportion of students gaining the top A* or A grades.


Plaid Cymru Shadow Minister for Education and Skills Llyr Gruffydd said:

"My warmest congratulations to those receiving their results today, the fruit of years of hard work and study, despite the inevitable disappointment some will feel.

“We should also pay tribute to our teachers for the invaluable part they have played.

“The drop in students gaining the top A* or A grades further underlines the need to introduce the reforms currently being pursued in relation to the curriculum, teacher training and professional development. These are all important to ensure the Welsh education system improves.

“More broadly, young people leaving school need to have a variety of options in terms of further study – be it academic, vocational, or work-based learning – and also ensure there are more skilled jobs available in Wales."

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