Plaid Cymru increases vote in Newport West

The Party of Wales holds deposit for second time in constituency
Plaid Cymru have held their deposit for the second time since the Newport West constituency was formed.
Despite the large London-based parties throwing everything they could at the seat, Plaid Cymru doubled their support.
Commenting on the election, Plaid candidate Jonathan Clark said "I am so grateful to all the Plaid Cymru members, all the voters, and everyone else involved in this great campaign.
"Every one of our local activists has worked so hard to achieve this result and winning our deposit back proves that we are on the rise in Newport.
"The choice in Newport West is between the London-based, Brexit facilitating parties of Labour and Tory, or a party based in Wales, committed to building a New Wales.
"We've spoken to thousands of people during this campaign and it's clear that they are eager for change. We're going to carry on gathering momentum behind our mission to build a new Wales."
"When this campaign began, our leader Adam Price said he wanted to start a brand new conversation with the people of Newport. That conversation has now started in earnest and will not stop until we've won the Newport, and New Wales we all want to see."

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