Welsh Government shamed into iron ring rethink


Plaid Cymru has welcomed news that the Welsh Government has been shamed into rethinking its plans for an iron ring sculpture to be installed at Flint Castle.

The crass plans had received widespread criticism and a petition to oppose the plans had received more than 9,000 signatures.

Plaid Cymru AM Llyr Gruffydd said:

“This crass design for a sculpture to symbolise Wales’ oppression was inappropriate and insulting to the people of Wales. It showed a serious lack of judgement by the Welsh Government, which failed to consult with local people about this £400,000 sculpture. The Labour government has rightly been shamed into rethinking its design, however it has failed to acknowledge how disrespectful this plan was. The Cabinet Secretary for the Economy should apologise for his bad judgement.

“He should heed the words of Plaid Cymru MPs who wrote to him stating that “nations with a robust grasp of their history erect monuments to their people’s liberty, not conquest.”

“I hope to see the Welsh Government announce a new design soon for an installation at Flint Castle that both recognises and respects our past. I am sure the people of Flint and the whole of Wales would be happy to support that.”

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