'A high tax, low wage budget.' - Jonathan Edwards MP reacts to 2017 Budget


Plaid Cymru’s Treasury spokesperson, Jonathan Edwards MP, has responded to the UK Chancellor’s Budget Statement.

Jonathan Edwards said:

“This is a high tax, low wage budget. Taxes are at their highest in a generation and wages are still falling. The British State is now the only advanced economy in the world in which people’s wages are falling as the State gets richer.

“Forget all the spin by the Chancellor, the reality of Westminster’s economic plan is that people will be 18% poorer in 2022 than was expected in 2008; economic growth has been revised down for every single year in the forecasting period; and borrowing has been revised up. Any reasonable person would conclude that the economic plan has failed.

“We were told in 2010 that it was a necessity to eliminate the deficit and that it would be done by 2015 but we now know that we face austerity until the end of the next decade. Two decades of Westminster austerity, paid for through ordinary people’s wages – that’s the reality of the so-called ‘long-term economic plan’.

“We are less than two years away from leaving both the Single Market and the Customs Union and there was nothing in the Budget to help the UK or the Welsh economy to protect people’s jobs and wages in preparation for the transformational changes ahead.

“It says it all about Westminster’s mind set towards Wales that our nation is only mentioned once in the whole of the Red Book, and even that one mention is a non-announcement on a city deal to which the UK government has once again failed to commit.”

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