For the sake of our nation, publish Welsh Brexit impact study


In a letter to the First Minister, Leanne Wood AM has called for the Welsh Government to publish a Brexit impact study on the Welsh economy. You can read the letter here

Following a vote in the House of Commons last week, the UK Government will be forced to publish its 58 impact assessments on different sectors of the economy. The Secretary of State for Scotland had previously indicated that he would share the UK Government’s analysis of the Scottish economy with the Scottish Government. However, in response to a question by Plaid Cymru during the debate on the impact assessments, a UK Government Minister denied such analysis existed for Wales or Scotland.

Ms Wood has demanded that the First Minister come clean over whether he has access to any UK Government analysis of Brexit’s impact on the Welsh economy. Any such analysis should be published immediately, according to Ms Wood.

In the letter, which was also signed by Plaid Cymru’s Brexit Spokespeople in Westminster, the National Assembly and in the European Parliament – Hywel Williams MP, Steffan Lewis AM and Jill Evans MEP – the Plaid Cymru Leader argues that “regardless of whether the UK Government releases or undertakes such an impact study, it would be a negligent and irresponsible for the Welsh Government not to publish its own analysis.”

On publication of the letter, Leanne Wood said:

“Understanding the impact of Brexit on the Welsh economy is critical for policy makers, business and fundamentally the public. If the Welsh Government has access to any official analysis of how Brexit will affect the Welsh economy it must do the responsible thing and publish it.  

“The EU referendum campaign was marred by disinformation and lies. We must learn from this and ensure facts, clarity and democratic accountability prevails over establishment interests.

“If the Welsh Government is in possession of a Brexit impact assessment, the people of Wales must see it. Whether the assessment has been carried out by the British Government or the Welsh Government, any analysis must be published so that the people of Wales know exactly what Brexit means for them.

“Existing independent analysis shows the profound impact Brexit will have on the Welsh economy - 200,000 Welsh jobs dependent on trade within the EU Single Market and Customs Union; a total loss of £245 million in funding from the EU; and a risk to 90% of our food and drink exports.

“Brexit is the biggest economic, social and political challenge that Wales has faced since the establishment of the National Assembly for Wales. Despite the Welsh Government’s best efforts, it cannot ignore it and hope it will go away. It’s time to make clear to the people of Wales what Brexit really means.”  

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