Plaid Cymru to call Brexiteers’ bluff on Leave campaign promises


Brexit campaigners in Parliament will be forced to vote on pledges made during the referendum campaign, as Plaid Cymru MPs table amendments on Vote Leave commitments.

Senior figures such as Boris Johnson and Michael Gove will be forced to either vote against their own promises or vote for Plaid Cymru’s amendments.

The amendments, if selected by the Speaker of the House of Commons, will refer to commitments such as maintaining free trade with the Single Market, as promised by Boris Johnson; £350 million for the NHS every week, as promised by the ‘Vote Leave’ campaign; and a VAT cut on fuel, as promised by Michael Gove.

Plaid Cymru will table the amendments in time for the committee stage of the Article 50 Bill.

Commenting, Plaid Cymru’s Parliamentary Leader, Hywel Williams said:

“Senior Brexiteers in the Government made commitments to the people during the referendum, playing on people’s emotions to deceive them into voting to leave.

“We’re not prepared to let these people get away with shrugging off the fact that they promised to spend £350 million extra on the NHS every week. That was a clear-cut commitment that was promoted extensively up and down the country. These promises convinced people to vote to leave. This is their opportunity to put their money where their mouth is.

“The Vote Leave cronies deliberately misled the public on what a Leave vote would mean, and now that they’ve taken back control, they must not take back their promises.

“They pledged lower taxes, cheaper fuel and higher wages. They promised to build new hospitals and schools and increase the wages of junior doctors. They committed to more money for science and research and continued free trade with Europe. They even said we’d have free movement of people between Ireland and the British State.

“It is absolutely right that those people who made such promises, including senior government ministers, should be held to account over what they said during the campaign.

“The choice for Brexiteers in Parliament is either to vote against their own promises, or vote for Plaid Cymru’s amendments.

“Plaid Cymru is calling their Brexit bluff.”

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