Brexit already making people’s summer holidays harder

Collapse in pound & uncertainty is a “real and immediate” problem for holidaymakers

Brexit is already making holidays more “expensive, difficult and unavailable”, Plaid Cymru MP Jonathan Edwards has said. Problems that will become significantly worse if the new Prime Minister’s threat of a no deal Brexit is delivered, he said.

As many people set off on summer holidays, concerns have been raised about the increasing cost and difficulty of travel abroad, as a result of Brexit.

A collapse in the pound since the 2016 referendum, concerns over travel documents and new rules regarding insurance are all be serious issues for holidaymakers.

Since the referendum was first called in 2015 the pound has fallen from 1.4 pounds to the Euro to its current rate around 1.11, with the biggest fall seen the week immediately after the “leave” result on June 23rd 2016. Practically, that means that if people were planning to take €500 spending money on their trip, it would have cost roughly £350 before the referendum, and now it’ll cost around £450

Plaid Cymru’s Foreign Affairs and Treasury Spokesperson, Jonathan Edwards MP, said that it was evidence of Brexit “real and immediate effects” on people’s daily lives.

Jonathan Edwards MP, said:

“The collapse in the pound along coupled with the range of regulatory issues created by Brexit is already making summer holidays abroad more expensive, difficult and unavailable to people.

 “With the cabinet now committed to delivering a no deal Brexit if necessary, the issues and uncertainty we see now will increase dramatically in the next few months. Brexit isn’t just about abstract ideas like ‘sovereignty’, it’s about the daily freedoms that we have come to take for granted.  

“The truth is, people are already feeling the real and immediate effects of Brexit.”  

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