‘Superfast broadband for every Welsh household, and ultrafast broadband by 2025’


Plaid Cymru’s Shadow Minister for Sustainable Communities has outlined his party’s proposals to significantly increase both broadband coverage and connection speeds in Wales.

Llyr Gryffudd detailed how a Plaid Cymru government would build upon the recent progress of Superfast Cymru, and would act to accelerate the rollout of superfast broadband to premises still without superfast coverage.

Plaid would make funds available for Local Authorities to support bespoke local schemes that deliver superfast broadband to the premises missing out under Superfast Cymru. Such a proposal will ensure that not a single home or business in Wales is left without access to superfast broadband by 2017.

Recognising the importance of fast and reliable broadband connections to the Welsh economy, Plaid Cymru also announced plans to further develop Welsh broadband provision - and set an ambitious target to deliver ultrafast broadband to all Welsh homes by 2025.

In order to ensure that Welsh homes and businesses can make the most of the internet age in the years to come, Plaid Cymru also announced proposals to introduce a demonstration area in west Wales to develop the field of hyperfast broadband connectivity.

Plaid Cymru’s Llyr Gruffydd said:

“These proposals speak to Plaid Cymru’s commitment to serve the interests of every corner of Wales, and ensure that Welsh homes and businesses are able to access the highest broadband speeds – wherever they may be.

‘Superfast Cymru has made an incredible difference to enhance superfast coverage in Wales, but we cannot rest on our laurels – we must act to make sure that not a single home, business, or community in Wales is left behind.

‘Once we have ensured that all premises in Wales are able to access superfast broadband connections by 2017, we will then act to see the roll-out of ultrafast broadband coverage across the length and breadth of Wales by 2025.

‘We cannot stop at ultrafast, however. Plaid Cymru recognises the importance of fast broadband connection for our businesses and communities, and so in government we would support the development of even greater connection speeds and hyperfast broadband.

"Failing to do so threatens to undermine the potential of our economy, and effectively setts a limit on the prosperity of our businesses and communities.

"Plaid Cymru is committed to giving our businesses and rural communities the support they need to thrive and our ambitious programme for government reflects that."

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