Official opposition 'awol' as Tories threaten future of NHS


Plaid Cymru Westminster Group Leader, Hywel Williams MP, has today accused the Labour party of being 'absent without leave' as the Tory government threatens the NHS in England with further cuts.

Mr Williams said that Labour's bitter divisions and chaotic leadership election meant that the party was completely distracted and failing in its role as official opposition, allowing the Tories to run roughshod over public services.

He added that the UK government must spell out whether its plans for the NHS in England would have a knock-on impact for Wales and, if so, how.

Plaid Cymru MP for Arfon Hywel Williams MP said:

"Today's news that the UK government's plans for the NHS in England could mean cuts to services throughout the country is deeply worrying.

"Health is a devolved matter and therefore a responsibility of the Labour Welsh Government. However, this does not mean that what happens in England will not have a knock on impact on Wales.

"The UK Government must spell out without delay what impact, if any, its proposals will have on the funding of our most vital public service in Wales. Further, many people from Wales have no choice but to access services in England. What is the Welsh government doing to guarantee that these services will not be hit?

"At this time when the Tories in Westminster seem hell bent on riding roughshod over the NHS in England, many people will be feeling anger and frustration that the so-called official opposition seems to be absent without leave.

"The Labour party's bitter divisions and chaotic leadership election mean that they are completely distracted, and demonstrating an abject failure to do their duty of holding the UK government to account.

"Plaid Cymru has been consistent in opposing the Tories' destructive proposals for Wales and the wider UK. Meanwhile, Labour repeatedly sit on their hands letting these plans pass into legislation unchallenged.

"The Labour party constantly prides itself on bringing us the NHS - unless they get a grip they risk being responsible for failing to stop its demise."

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