The only way we can face the challenges and grasp the opportunities of a changing world is to change Wales. And that change can only come through the most fundamental change of all: to own our own future as a people and a nation. A growing number of people are coming to this view and independence has moved from the margins into the mainstream of Welsh political debate. Our mission is to convince the people of Wales that independence is not merely desirable, but actually vitally necessary to tackle our problems and improve our standard of living.

Welsh independence is no longer being lead just by ourselves, by Plaid alone. It's being taken up by a range of civil society and cultural organisations that seemingly have sprung up overnight. However, we need a plan that sets out a clear and credible path to independence. That is why we have set up a Commission to look at how Wales will become independent. The Independence Commission is undertaking extensive analysis and developing effective policy to carve a clear pathway to the independence we need as a nation. We believe in an independence that will empower us whilst being both sustainable and equitable.

It’s us, the people of Wales, that hold the key to the nation’s future: an independent Wales.​

Independence Commission

We have established an expert Independence Commission whose role is to recommend the steps we will need to take to achieve independence for Wales in the coming decade.

The greatest obstacle to Welsh independence is the charge that we simply cannot afford it, that a country as rich as Wales in natural resources and in the skills and imagination of her people, is somehow too poor to be independent.

Fundamentally, the reason why there is such a large gap between the taxes we raise in Wales, and the money we spend on benefits and public services, is the way our economy has been mismanaged by successive centralised London governments. We need independence precisely in order to change that. In the meantime, we need to demonstrate that, even with the limited powers that the present devolution settlement offers us, we can begin to close the fiscal gap.

The Independence Commission will address the legitimate questions people have about how an independent Wales would work, on issues such as currency, borders, the UK national debt, and pensions.

The Commission will draw up a Written Constitution for an independent Wales and oversee the production of a Self-Determination Bill. This will be the paving legislation that an incoming Plaid Cymru Government will bring forward, aimed at preparing for the referendum on Welsh independence that will take place before the end of the next decade.

The legislation enacted by this Bill will enable the Plaid Cymru government to engage with as wide a cross-section of people and interests as possible. It will include the creation of a new organization with a full-time secretariat, to oversee the process leading to the referendum. A series of Citizens’ Assemblies will inform the people of Wales on the wide-ranging issues and questions that the prospect of independence raises.