Wales can lead the way in the protection of animals and ensuring high animal welfare standards. We believe that there should be tougher sentences for those who abuse animals and that there should be an Animal Abuse Register for Wales.

We support the introduction of new legislation to regulate the sale of pet animals online to ensure that animals are protected. We will introduce new legislation to fully ban the keeping of primates as pets.

We will implement the recommendations of the Westminster Parliament’s Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee on ending breed specific legislation, as it fails to protect public safety and results in the unnecessary destruction of hundreds of dogs.

We will also introduce an online harms regulator with the power to require social media providers to ensure that animal cruelty content is not shared on their platforms.

We will ensure that any imports in existing and future trade agreements are consistent with Welsh and UK animal health and welfare standards, in order to maintain our current high standards and to provide a level playing field between our farmers and farmers in other parts of the world.

We will strengthen legislation against illegal puppy imports in order to end the exploitation of legislative loopholes by criminal gangs.

We will develop an Endangered Species Action Plan for Wales supported by initiatives to promote public awareness and actions. We will legislate to ban the use of wild animals in circuses and regulate the use of snares. We will update and consolidate Welsh wildlife legislation creating a new Wildlife Act for Wales. We will support the creation of a specialist centre for animal health in Aberystwyth as a first step towards a Veterinary College.