Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare


 What are the benefits of EU membership? 

  • The EU spends €150million a year on animal welfare and has an animal welfare strategy.

  • Animal welfare is an international issue - working together with other member states of the EU ensures that we have the best chance of addressing important issues such as illegal trafficking and habitat destruction.

  • The EU is at the forefront of fighting cosmetics cruelty - it has banned animal testing for cosmetics and the sale of animal-tested products in the EU - which has had a clear impact on the industry worldwide.

  • The EU has raised welfare standards for farm animals. For example, banning the confinement of breeding sows in narrow stalls. Animal cloning has twice been rejected by the European Parliament.

  • Individual governments can come under significant pressure from big corporations to lower or ignore their animal welfare standards. In this context, international standards are particularly important.

  • Jill Evans MEP steered the law on pet passports through the European Parliament.

  • She also authored a report on the welfare of animals used for testing.


What would happen if we left the EU? 

  • If the UK leaves the EU, we will no longer be subject to these recognised international standards. International corporations and lobbyists would certainly spot an opportunity to pressure the UK Government to lower these standards.

  • Welsh politicians would lose their voice in one of the biggest trading blocs in the world - and lose a significant opportunity to ensure that animal welfare issues are a core part of the decisions made.

  • We could lose out on pet passports so people couldn't travel with their animals and quarantine would be the only option.


What could we do better in the EU? 

  • A Plaid Cymru Welsh Government would develop an Endangered Species Action Plan for Wales supported by initiatives to promote public awareness and actions.

  • A Plaid Cymru Welsh Government would match and strengthen EU standards.

  • Plaid would to legislate to ban the use of wild animals in circuses and regulate the use of snares.

  • We will update and consolidate Welsh wildlife legislation, creating a new Wildlife Act for Wales, in a EU context.

  • Plaid will support the creation of a specialist centre for animal health in Aberystwyth as a first step towards a Veterinary College.

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