Our Pledges

A Welsh Green Jobs Revolution

Create tens of thousands of new jobs throughout Wales through kick-starting a multi-billion investment programme in renewable energy, transport infrastructure and digital technology, with the goal of making Wales a carbon and single-use plastic free nation by 2030.

Caring for Everyone

Free social care for the elderly through a new National Health and Social Care Service, with an additional 1,000 new doctors, 5,000 new nurses, and 100 new NHS dentists offering seamless access to health and care for everyone throughout Wales.

A Fair Deal for Families

Universal free childcare for 40 hours a week, and a new £35 a week payment for every child in low income families, lifting 50,000 children in Wales out of poverty. Plus £300m extra for schools and colleges to give our children the best start in life.

Action on housing

Major investment in affordable homes and rent relief for people who pay more than 30% of their income on rent.

Combating crime

Create a Welsh justice system, devolve policing and create a new £50m crime prevention fund to recruit 1,600 extra police officers, at least two for every community in Wales, to keep us safe.

This starts with you

They have the money but we have the people. If everyone who visits this website joins our movement, there's nothing we can't accomplish together.