Adam Price: Remain leaders should agree voting guidance to maximise pro-EU result


Plaid Cymru leader writes to other pro-EU leaders

Plaid Cymru Leader, Adam Price, has today written to the leaders of pro-remain parties, calling on them to agree voting recommendations ahead of Thursday’s European Parliament election.

Mr Price has called on the leaders of the SNP, Liberal Democrats, the Green Party and Change UK to work together to agree guidance on how to maximise the ‘remain vote’, which they would publicly put to electors.

In the letter, Mr Price also asks the leaders to agree a common statement acknowledging that votes for their respective parties are votes to remain and reform the EU.

Multiple polls have shown that Plaid Cymru are now the best placed pro-EU party in Wales. A YouGov poll, commissioned by ITV/Cardiff University, published yesterday showed Plaid Cymru in second place behind the Brexit Party, with Labour pushed into third in a Wales-wide election for the first time ever. The latest stats also show that if supporters of other pro-EU parties in Wales which are not set to win any seats - the Liberal Democrats, the Green Party and Change UK – lent Plaid Cymru their vote, Plaid Cymru would top the poll.

In the letter, Plaid Cymru Leader Adam Price writes:

“A YouGov Welsh Political Barometer poll, released yesterday, showed that Plaid Cymru is the strongest pro-EU party in Wales. It also showed that if all Remain supporters in Wales lend us their vote on Thursday we will comfortably beat the Brexit Party. Returning more pro-European MEPs to the European Parliament could dramatically change the political landscape for the critical months ahead.

“I suggest that we urgently agree a joint strategy to enhance the pro-European vote in these elections. Doing so could make a People’s Vote a reality, stop the march of the Brexit Party, and secure a positive European future for our nations. 

“I hope we could agree a voting recommendation to put publicly to electors ahead of Thursday’s crucial election. At the very least it would be constructive if we could agree a common statement acknowledging that votes for our respective parties are votes to remain and reform the EU. It would be a powerful message to refer back to those attempting to interpret the results of the election as being an endorsement of a chaotic no-deal Brexit.

“We should seek to work together not just in these last few days before the election, but for as long as is needed to ensure that people who lend their vote to the strongest Remain parties feel truly represented – until a People’s Vote is delivered.”

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