Adam Price is the "Leader Wales needs" as Boris and Corbyn are no-shows yet again


Plaid Cymru AM Delyth Jewell has said that Adam Price is the 'Leader that Wales needs' ahead of the ITV Election debate tonight.

The Plaid Cymru Leader will be going joining the seven way debate live on ITV at 7pm tonight with the Labour Party's Richard Berger, the Green Party's Sian Berry, The Brexit Party's Nigel Farage, the SNP's Nicola Sturgeon and Liberal Democrat Leader Jo Swinson.
Ms Jewell lambasted both Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn for avoiding both the BBC debate on Friday and the ITV debate tonight suggesting that they were 'running scared'.
The Plaid Cymru AM said that her party Leader Adam Price had come out on top during Friday's debate by 'impressing the public with his sincerity and passion'.
She went on to say that Mr Price would use tonight to 'make a clear case' why Plaid Cymru is the only party that would put Wales' voice at the 'heart of this chaotic Westminster election'.
Plaid Cymru's Delyth Jewell AM said,
"Another debate and another no-show from both Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn. It is unfortunate that neither bothered to show up to the election debates nor stand up to scrutiny. Are they both running scared?
"Adam Price came out on top during Friday's debate impressing the public with his sincerity and passion. I'm confident that he will again impress the people with his integrity and dedication to the people he seeks to represent – traits which are regrettably absent in both the Labour and the Tory leaderships.
"Tonight Adam Price will use this opportunity to make clear why Plaid Cymru is the only party that can and will put the voice of Wales and its communities at the heart of this chaotic Westminster election.
"Adam Price is the Leader Wales needs and for real change, it's us.

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