Adam Price

"Wales, it’s us.

The last three years of chaos have shown that Westminster does not work for Wales.

Brexit has proven that Britain is broken.

We know that Wales’ future as an independent country is not only possible but the right choice for our nation.

As Wales’ lead party of Remain, Plaid Cymru will stand united and clear in this election as we campaign for Wales’ interests and our place in Europe.

Brexit is the wrong answer to the right question. The question is, how do we change Wales?

Decades of neglect from the Westminster parties, both Labour and the Tories, have left us with a third of our children living in poverty. No more.

The solution to our problems in Wales is to take our future into our own hands.

Plaid Cymru pledge to lift thousands of children out poverty, to invest in our schools, our hospitals, in renewable energy and affordable housing. We promise to revitalise our transport system. We will commit to creating a new national health and care service free at the point of need. We will fight to ensure fair funding for Wales from Westminster.

Because if we don’t believe we can change things then they never will.

Let’s make this election about Wales’ future, not Britain’s past.

Let’s choose hope over fear.

Wales, it’s us."

Adam Price, Leader of Plaid Cymru