“Regressive Repeal Bill is biggest threat to Wales in recent times”: Leanne Wood


Plaid Cymru leader warns that Welsh Government Continuity Bill is needed more urgently than ever

Plaid Cymru leader has warned that the UK Government’s Great Repeal Bill, published yesterday, is a great threat to Wales. She warned that the Labour Welsh Government has “unforgivably” passed over opportunities to pre-empt the Tory Government’s power grab by failing to introduce a Continuity Bill to protect Welsh interests.
Leanne Wood said that the Repeal Bill is a cynical move by the UK Government designed to undermine the Welsh parliament before it has had time to come of age.
She once again called on the Welsh Government to introduce a Continuity Bill as a matter of urgency.
Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood said:
“The Repeal Bill gives the Westminster government the power to over-ride any Welsh law that it considers to be “inconsistent” with its own legislation. This is a cynical move by the Conservative government designed to cripple our fledging parliament in Wales before it has time to come of age. I want to help build up a Welsh parliament that creates laws in the interests of the people of our country, instead of Westminster’s priorities which have thus far been to promote and protect the interests of bankers and property tycoons.
“It is nothing more than a power grab by the Conservatives who are threatening to take us back to a time before the Assembly existed and the people to Wales were dictated to by a ‘governor general’ type system.
“The Repeal Bill is the biggest threat to Wales we have seen in recent times and it is a situation that Plaid Cymru predicted. To defend Wales, Plaid Cymru months ago put forward proposals for a Continuity Bill to protect and further Welsh interests, and Labour passed over this opportunity.
“We need a Continuity Bill as a matter of urgency.”

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