Labour government has made no progress on implementing Violence Against Women Act, Plaid Cymru reveals

Siân Gwenllian criticises “incredible scale” of inaction


Plaid Cymru Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Equalities Siân Gwenllian has highlighted the Labour Government’s failure to make progress on implementing the Violence against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence (Wales) Act 2015. She challenged the Minister on the government’s “incredible scale” of inaction, reeling off the government’s series of failures.

She said that:

More than a year since the strategy was published, no action plan has been producedNo guidance has been published for local strategiesThe expert group on healthy relationships hasn’t published its recommendations – these were due in the AutumnNo work has been done on guidance for FE institutionsNo national indicators have been publishedThe statutory commissioning guidance, which was to be published in July of this year, hasn’t been publishedThe national adviser has resigned, and no replacement has been appointed.

Plaid Cymru Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Equalities Siân Gwenllian said:

“The Labour government’s lack of action in implementing this legislation is very concerning. What work has been done has been sluggish, and some parts haven’t been implemented at all.

“When the Assembly voted to pass this legislation it was seen as ground-breaking in its reach. But the government’s failure to implement it properly and to properly fund it is hampering the potential to deliver.

“Welsh Women’s Aid have already warned the government that further cuts to refuges will have detrimental and possibly life-threating consequences for survivors of abuse. The government must now ensure that there will be no cuts to services such as women’s refuges and places for children.

“We need to see a much faster pace of progress and proper finance behind it if the legislation is to achieve its goals. Currently, the only thing that breaks new ground here is the incredible scale of inaction by the Labour government.”

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