Plaid Cymru making Westminster "wake up to Wales" says Plaid Leader Price


Adam Price has said that Plaid Cymru is making Westminster “wake-up to Wales” after reports in the Financial Times of a leaked document from the de-facto Deputy Prime Minister outlining that rising support for the Party of Wales meant “we [the Westminster Government] cannot be complacent about Wales’s attitude to the Union and independence”.

The Cabinet paper, seen by The Financial Times, said that there is a “real risk” of the United Kingdom breaking up, with all four nations going their own way in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Plaid Cymru Adam Price said:

“Plaid Cymru is making Westminster wake-up to Wales.

“It is decades of relentless neglect from Westminster that is meaning Welsh independence is not only desirable, but necessary. We simply cant afford not to be independent.

“Wales faces a stark choice of two futures – either as a peripheral part of a crumbling empire, committed to Brexit, or as an independent nation within the European Union in its own right.

“The Cabinet Secretary is realising what thousands have already realised in Wales – with Plaid Cymru, there is a better way.” 

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