“Long term reform of the UK is futile” says Plaid Cymru as Welsh Government admits Wales should be able to hold its own IndyRef


Plaid Cymru has said that long term reform of the United Kingdom is futile, following the publication of the Welsh Government’s Reforming our Union policy document.

In the document, the Welsh Government admitted that Wales should be able to hold an independence referendum if an electoral mandate were secured for such a referendum in a Senedd election.

In its newly-published Reforming our Union policy document, the Welsh Government said that the UK is ‘a voluntary association of nations’ which should be open to any of its parts withdrawing.

It also said that if a government secured ‘an explicit electoral mandate’ for an independence referendum, it should be able to expect the UK Parliament to make arrangements for one.

However, the paper went on to say that the Welsh Government is ‘committed to the United Kingdom’ and would hope that Wales would vote to stay in the UK.

Plaid Cymru said that short term improvements to get Wales ‘indy-ready’ were welcome, but that the Welsh Government should focus its efforts not on saving the union but on securing the tools needed to build ‘the Wales of tomorrow’, such as full borrowing and tax powers, responsibility for welfare, and an international voice.

And the Welsh Government’s concession on the question of a Welsh independence referendum showed that the idea of independence is moving from the margins and ‘into the mainstream’, according to Plaid Cymru.

Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price AM said:

“There is now no doubt that Wales should be able to hold an independence referendum.

“It is disappointing – if not surprising – that the Labour Welsh Government continues to defend this indefensible union.

“Any short term steps that help get Wales indy-ready are welcome. But the Welsh Government should concentrate on building the Wales of tomorrow, not saving the union.

“The fact of the matter is that long term reform of the UK is futile. As we’re seeing at the moment through the Brexit chaos, this union allows the Tories to do their very worst to Wales.

“Remember also that this comes from a Welsh Government that was happy to send powers back from our Senedd to Westminster.

“The pooling and sharing of risks and resources is, frankly, a fanciful idea. Westminster has always been all risk and no reward for Wales.

“As we saw last month, support for Welsh independence is at an all-time high. It is moving from the margins and into the mainstream – and no amount of reform will stop the march of a nation.”

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