'Bland' - Labour's latest legislative programme shows it has run out of its own ideas


Leader of Plaid Cymru Adam Price has slammed Labour in Wales' latest legislative programme as 'bland' and void of any new and original ideas themselves. 

Leader of Plaid Cymru Adam Price said,

“This is a bland legislative programme from a Labour government that has clearly run out of their own ideas – although there’s plenty here that are ideas already proposed by Plaid Cymru.

“Plaid Cymru proposed last month to take some bus operations into public ownership and Labour are now introducing a bill to do just that. But they’re putting the onus on local authorities who simply don’t have the resources to deliver.  The Welsh Government should act now to take ownership of these operations with the aim of moving towards an all-Wales integrated public transport network. Bus companies are sold off as we speak - we don’t have time to legislate.

“Is this really the best Labour in Wales can offer? Plaid Cymru is calling time on this tired Labour Welsh Government and is ready to bring new energy and new ideas to the problems we face as a country, including a Welsh Education Act to give Welsh citizens the right to Welsh medium education, a National Care Service to provide care free at the point of delivery and funded from taxation, and enshrining green new policies in law to ensure Wales becomes fully dependent on renewable energy by 2030.

“At the heart of our vision for Wales is a country transformed.  Plaid Cymru is offering an alternative to Labour’s stale and suffocating hegemony. Now is the time for radical thinking, a new direction and a new dynamic. Plaid Cymru is ready to lead on that towards a new Wales.

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