5 reasons why the new Brexit deal will be very bad for Wales


Boris Johnson’s so-called deal is bad for Wales. Together, we must reject it, and stand up for Wales’ bright, European future.


1. This deal would create a hard border in the Irish Sea, which would be devastating for Welsh trade. A hard border in the Irish Sea would be a catastrophe for port towns like Holyhead or Pembroke Dock, and for the whole Welsh economy.


2. This deal would also be a disaster for our agriculture industry – putting barriers up to exporting Welsh produce and taking crucial funds away from our family farms.


3. And it would create even more roadblocks to a successful automotive industry – at a time when uncertainty in that industry is already causing job losses across Wales.


4. This so-called deal also manages to be worse than Theresa May’s deal, giving Boris Johnson free rein to trample over workers’ rights and environmental protections.


5. To top it all off, Boris Johnson has handed a veto to the Northern Ireland Assembly, which hasn’t sat for over two years, while ignoring the democratically-elected parliament of our nation – our Senedd.


Wales must not be forced into a false choice between crashing out of the EU or accepting this deal. Neither option is good for Wales. Neither represents the bright European future our nation deserves.

The only way to end this chaos once and for all, and to protect Wales from Boris Johnson, is to reject this dreadful deal and give the people the final say in a People’s Vote.

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