5 reasons we need to strengthen our Senedd

Today, Plaid Cymru is holding a debate in the Senedd on strengthening our national parliament. We're offering clear solutions to the problems our parliament faces. We'll increase the number of AMs and adopt a proportional voting system.

It is time to be bold. Plaid Cymru is up for the task. The question is: is Labour?

Here's five reasons why we must strengthen our Senedd.

1. The Senedd must be the parliament for all the people of Wales

The current first past the post system – which is also used to elect Westminster MPs – is an outdated model that is simply unable, by its very nature, to be representative of the political and social diversity of our society.

We need a parliament that truly reflects the people of Wales. We cannot kick something as important as this to our democracy into the long grass simply because Labour don’t want to do it.

2. The Welsh Government must be held to account

AMs are struggling with heavy workloads and committees are too small to properly scrutinise government. The people of Wales expect and deserve a parliament fit for purpose – one that is big enough to be able to hold government to account.

3. Brexit puts everything at risk

There’s no time to waste and in the context of Brexit, Welsh democracy and devolution are at risk. Westminster’s system may be broken but in Wales we have the ability to transform our politics, give power to the people and create a parliament that represents all of the voices of our country and works for its citizens

Westminster will use Brexit as an excuse to take powers away from Wales. Inter-governmental structures are on the brink of collapse. The Tories have never been supportive of Welsh self-determination and both candidates in the Tory leadership race have indicated they would roll back on powers devolved to our parliament. They even have candidates in place for the 2021 Assembly election who are actively calling for the abolition of the Welsh Assembly altogether.

4. Our constitutional future shouldn’t be decided by just one party - Labour

The petty party politics that has stalled reform so far shows exactly why it’s so desperately needed. Wales needs a parliament that makes decisions in the best interest of the country, not the best interest of the Labour Party. We can only achieve this by reforming and strengthening our Senedd.

5. It’s our national parliament

After two referendums, it is also now firmly established in the hearts and minds of every Welsh citizens as their national parliament.

However, despite our Senedd having grown and expanded in its responsibilities and powers over the last twenty years, it is being stagnated and held back from fully realising its potential as a parliament for the people by the refusal of the Labour party to back reform by 2021.

You can watch the debate live at www.Senedd.TV

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