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Wales has all the ingredients to be a success story in the modern world.

We have an abundance of natural resources and great potential as an energy powerhouse. Wales’ geographic position places us at a great advantage - as a bilingual country which is part of the world’s biggest trading bloc. The country’s landscape and past intertwine to reveal a nation with tremendous opportunities in tourism and the arts. Above all, Wales’ people, individually and collectively, have a long record as innovators, leaders and world-beaters.

The wave of excitement and hope that met the convening of Wales’ first parliament in 600 years has not been matched in improvements in people’s prospects and the anticipated improvement in the quality of services they receive. In part, this has been due to the unnecessary restrictions placed on the ability of our National Assembly to act decisively. But primarily, the failure to meet aspiration with results has been due to a lack of will on the part of the country’s political leadership.

Plaid Cymru has the ideas and the drive to build our nation. We recognise Wales as a political nation in its own right which is why we believe our country should have the tools to act like a nation, to innovate, to create jobs and to deliver world-class public services.

Among the most exciting opportunities of Welsh nationhood is the chance to build a new kind of society. One that promotes equality, tackles poverty, creates wealth, shares wealth and broadens life chances. Through our nationhood we can meet our obligations as global citizens to the environment and the eradication of our dependence on fossil fuels and behaviours that are to the detriment of the planet.

We can secure the cultural, social and and economic vitality of the nation.

Plaid Cymru has Wales at its heart and invites everyone who cares about Wales to join us in building a nation fit for its people.


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