Plaid's 10 point plan will 'transform' education in Wales


Plaid Cymru have adopted a new action plan for schools and early years which will ‘transform’ education in Wales.

The motion proposed by Plaid Cymru Shadow Minister for Education and the Welsh Language, Siân Gwenllian AM, and passed by Plaid Cymru Annual Conference, sets out ten key areas where a Plaid Cymru government would urgently prioritise in order to improve the educational outcomes of children and young people.

 According to Estyn, pupils at half of Wales’ secondary schools don’t meet their full potential by the time they leave school. 

Since 2010-11 there has been an 8% real terms decrease in spending per pupil and over half of Wales’ secondary schools are in deficit.

Siân Gwenllian AM said the plan would focus on improving teachers’ work conditions and providing ‘adequate’ finances for schools.

Siân Gwenllian AM, Plaid Cymru Shadow Minister for Education and Welsh Language said, 

“Year after year of cuts have resulted in fewer and fewer teachers in the system - with many of the most experienced are leaving. At the root of the problem is insufficient funding for schools which means education is not being delivered effectively which inevitably has a knock on impact on pupils. 

“Our 10-point Plan focuses on making full use of devolved powers over teachers’ work conditions to ensure they are allowed to dedicate their time to teaching and inspiring their pupils, making the needs of the child or young person central to all they do.

“It also includes providing adequate finance for our schools, allowing for long-term planning and making sure resources reach the frontline in an effective and timely manner, moving away from specific grants, hypothecation and last minute allocations.

“I look forward to becoming our Minister for Education and the Welsh Language after we form the next government in 2021 and under Adam Price’s leadership as First Minister, Plaid Cymru will aim to transform Wales - making our education system the best it can be.


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